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Sax Watch

A Blog dedicated to revealing the truth about Jeff Sax, Republican candidate for Snohomish County Council in District 5. NOTICE TO VOTERS: This Advertisement is not authorized or approved by any candidate. It is paid for by the owner of this web site, and I am not a PAC. (Top five contributors: Robert R Stitt.)

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Council candidate Stephens won't be charged

HeraldNet: Council candidate Stephens won't be charged:

But Sax is still crying.

"Sax said Friday he wasn't surprised at the outcome of the investigation because of election problems in King County.
'I have no faith in the election system,' Sax said. 'The guy very clearly did wrongdoing that perhaps caused the outcome of an election to be changed.
'If somebody can do that and not be charged with a crime or be penalized, chastised reprimanded or something is beyond me.'
Stephens was investigated after Sax complained to Snohomish County Sheriff Rick Bart. Citing a conflict of interest, Bart asked the Washington State Patrol to investigate.
State Patrol Lt. Greg Miller said he conducted no interviews but did collect and deliver Terwilliger's files to King County prosecutors."

Friday, February 24, 2006

HeraldNet: Sax donor hires him to aid charity project

HeraldNet: Sax donor hires him to aid charity project:

By Jerry Cornfield
Herald Writer
ARLINGTON - Former County Councilman Jeff Sax is working again, and his first job teams him with a major campaign donor to build housing for homeless teenage girls."

Sax is being funded by the same developers who funded his political campaign through both direct donations and through a PAC. At least we won't have our mailboxes cluttered up with junk mail for awhile (unless he does fundraising for his pet causes).