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A Blog dedicated to revealing the truth about Jeff Sax, Republican candidate for Snohomish County Council in District 5. NOTICE TO VOTERS: This Advertisement is not authorized or approved by any candidate. It is paid for by the owner of this web site, and I am not a PAC. (Top five contributors: Robert R Stitt.)

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Friday, February 24, 2006

HeraldNet: Sax donor hires him to aid charity project

HeraldNet: Sax donor hires him to aid charity project:

By Jerry Cornfield
Herald Writer
ARLINGTON - Former County Councilman Jeff Sax is working again, and his first job teams him with a major campaign donor to build housing for homeless teenage girls."

Sax is being funded by the same developers who funded his political campaign through both direct donations and through a PAC. At least we won't have our mailboxes cluttered up with junk mail for awhile (unless he does fundraising for his pet causes).


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