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Three Lakes Neighbors for Responsible Growth is a Washington non-profit organization centered in the old ghost community of Three Lakes, Washington.

Current Status of Panther Lake Ridge -- February 27, 2016

Today I received in the mail a "Notice of review for Final Plat Approval" for the Panther Lake Ridge Subdivision.Written Comments may be submitted to in the PDS by March 10, 2016.

PDS Postcard

If you are not familiar with the history of this project, it was originally submitted in 2004. Because many of us who lived in Three Lakes at that time were concerned about the impacts of this large Subdivision on our neighborhood, we formed this organization, raised money, hired a lawyer, and fought the project. After over two years of hearings, rejections, and appeals the Project was finally approved by the County Council in October 2008. The history of this is somewhere on this website, although some of the old links (expecially to county websites) may not work.

After the Financial meltdown in 2008, the developers did not proceed with the project. The banks foreclosed on their mortgage; the propery was sold--and we hoped it would not proceed. However, the State Legislature passed a law extending all previous approved projects for 10 years. The result is that this project is extended until October 13, 2016. This means that the developers have to get Final Approval and move ahead by then. That is why they are proceeding with their application at this time.

To see the current status of the application at the PDS (Planning and Development Services) you can click here. (But apparently you have to type in the project number, which is 04-112029-000-00-FSD).The actual file is here (you may need to accept their terms first). The status of the project before they filed for a Final Plat is here.

This web site has documents from the original application posted on the pages 2004-05 Data and 2005-06 Data if you are interested in seeing all the messy details of this project.

This is a clip out of the map showing where the project will be. The actual houses will be the dark orange section marked "R-5". The other contiguous plats in light orange are included in the entire project, but are basically part of the undeveloped lands that enable it to be a "Rural Cluster Dubdivision".

Current Status of Panther Lake Ridge -- May 2013

Its been almost 10 years since this project was orriginally submitted. Since our last update in 2008, there has been essentially no activity towards construction, because several significant things have happened: The property ownership was changed; the developers went bankrupt, the property was foreclosed on; the Bank owning it failed; the property was put up for sale; etc. In normal times, this would have killed the project, but the State Legislature extended all approved projects to 2014. We are currently seekeing information about the current status. We'll update this page and let you know when we find out.

Current Status of Panther Lake Ridge -- December 2008

There has been some construction activity and noise, but not much is happening. I've checked the permits and apparently they have received Preliminary Approval which is good until 2/8/2011. The permit information is not easy to get to.  Try this link, [still works as of 2/27/2016] which may work. if not, the permit # is: 04-112029-000-00-SD. They also have a Right of Way permit issued but it looks like the only progress shown on it is a Preconstruction meeting held in June 2008.  There is also a grading permit for 32,600 yards of fill. Interestingly, it outlaws winter grading without meeting some special conditions.


Current Status of Panther Lake Ridge -- April 2008

As far as we know, the developers have not yet made their final submittal.  It appears that the collapse in the housing market and the apparent oversupply of houses may have reduced their financial incentive to proceed.  We continue to monitor the application status as noted below. It does not appear that there will be a public hearing.

The New Application Status is on the Snohomish County Web site here.

Status of Panther Lake Ridge -- September 2007

We've been waiting for the latest submittal from the Panther Lake Ridge Developers and a response from the country. There was a new submittal in early September.  We are working on making some suggestions for better site buffers.

The next step in the process is that there will be a new public hearing on the new proposal.

The New Application Status is on the Snohomish County Web site here.

7-Lakes Organization

A new organization has formed to deal new development proposals in the northern part of Snohomish County in the Seven lakes Area. Their web site is here.  You can sign up for their newsletter on the web site.  They also have a community forum set up to discuss issues.

Two new Rural Cluster Applications in Three Lakes as of March 5, 2007.

There are two new applications pending for our area.  Note: if the links are bad they will be fixed on March 6.

Wonderland Park is by the Storm Lake Store:  The County Application site is here. the Application file is 06-129169-000-00-SD. and a map:

UPDATE 12/8/08 It looks like this one has been approved!

Whisperwood Estates is a bit further east, possibly almost to Hidden Creeks (which I can't seem to locate right now). The application site is here.  The Application file is  06-133579-000-00-SD.  Here is a map: (it appears this may be part II of this RCF)

UPDATE 12/8/08 It looks like this one is in Final Plat Review.

The road in lower left is Mero Road.


The Developer's new Submittal August 31, 2006 is here!

Our Old Web Site is now here!

Blog now operational

Our new blog is now operational at this site.  I've started out with an article about the Skykomish River making the Top 10 Endangered List.

More articles will come in the near future as I peruse the County web site and pull some materials from our other web site into this site.


Panther Lake Ridge Application Resubmitted

As of early August, 2005 the developer has resubmitted their application.  This means that it will have to go through the entire process all over again.  More information follows.

Latest News

As of September 30, there has been a new submission from the developer.  Still no word on the hearing date.  I have moved the data from that we had posted from the site to this site.  Actually, for right now it is still in both locations, but I will be adding a link from the old site to the new site.

As of September 12, we have had a meeting to plan our response.  It appears the Hearing will be scheduled for November 16.


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