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This is our old site from 2004-05, now moved to our own web site.  Sorry, but some data from the last go-round got lost or mislinked when we had a little upload accident in August. 
I'm starting anew page and folder for 2005-06 data. || Return to Home Page for this site.

Hearing Examiners Reports were released on January 26, and are posted here if you didn't get a paper copy in the mail:

DNS Appeal (We lost)   Developers Application (WE WON!)

We now have a public web page here.

This page has been posted to provide information about our activities to members of the still forming organization. Click here for information on how to join.

For official business, agendas, meeting minutes, etc. go to ourBusiness Page.

Evidence for Hearing

Visual Evidence for the hearing is posted here.

PDS Final Response

Staff Recommendation 11-2-04

Hearing Notice

The Hearing Notice is dated September 19, 2004 which is tomorrow as I post this.  We have to file an appeal by October 4, 2004 if we are going to, and it will cost $500.  A copy of the Hearing Notice ishere (PDF Format) in case you didn't receive one.  Posted 9/18/04.

Revised Plan

County Response to Revised Plan September 21, 2004. (PDF Format)

Revised Plan submitted August 23, 2004. (PDF Format) Posted 8/27 Map

County Response to Revised Plan July 28.  (PDF Format) Posted 8/1/04

Revised Plan submitted July 9 (PDF Format) (Posted July 19)

Design Standards EDDS Section 3-01(B) or link to the EDDS page on the County Web Site and download the whole PDF File.

Hidden Creeks Decision from May 2003 - shows us how a similar project in the area was handled and turned out.

Snohomish County Response to the Application

Drainage Plan

County Requirements Documents

Code Enforcement Folder, case number 03-107918

These are copies made of the code enforcement folder for our case.   They've been put on a separate page so you can read them all as one document.

They're not super-interesting, but it does give a little window into how Mr. Fjelstad has been trying to slide things through. The bit about maintaining a logging road is interesting.

Contact Information at the County

Here's some of the contact info. Ryan Larsen, county planner for the project 425-388-3311 ext 2943
3000 Rockefeller
Ave M/S 604
Everett WA 98201

County Biologist for the project: Patrick McGraner 425-388-3311 ext.2745
same mailing address as Ryan Larsen

Public Works comments reviewer: Andy Smith 425-388-4581
Andy Smith's boss: (the man who can reconsider the deviation):
Jim Fowler
fax 425-388-3977
2930 Wetmore Ave
Everett WA 98201

County Fire Marshal comments reviewer: Ron Tangen 425-388-3311 ext. 2264
(Bev hasn't talked to this guy)

Drainage comments reviewer Ken Crossman: 425-388-3311 ext 2227

If you have scanned more pages that can be posted, send them to me via e-mail (as attachment) and I will post them.  I have a scanner and can scan things but have a lot of things on my plate right now.  Things will get up sooner if you can scan them and send them to me.  I can convert things from most formats.

The links below are posted to help you find out information on the web.


The Project

Project Details

Property Information around the Project

Background Information

Salmonid Protection and Lake Links

Traffic Impact Information

Power Line Easement Information

Search BPA Site for "Easement"

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